It’s been a while since Joe passed away but the scars it left to those who love him are still painful. Joe was not a showy person so people didn’t appreciate him when he was around. He was only known for playing football but aside from that, we know nothing.

A Man Who Loved Everybody

Joe’s family know him as a loving and caring man. He would provide for his family’s needs, he made sure that everyone had a good day. His cousins remembered him as the giver. He shared his blessings and never withhold any good thing from his family and friends.

joe's family after his death

A Mother’s Caring Son

His mother Jennifer was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. He was there for her despite their volatile relationship. His family demanded more than he could give but Joe didn’t leave them. He stick around.

joe mcknight in uniform

Joe’s Longing For Unconditional Love

He loved his family but he wasn’t getting the unconditional love he had for them. He used this as motivation to run faster. He ran when everyone was trying to catch their breath. He gave it all until he had nothing to give anymore.

joe and his coach hugging

He Is Human Being And Deserved To Be Treated Like One

We can’t forget about what Kenner City Councilman Gregory Carroll said, ““This may not be a racial thing,” he said, confronting Norman’s comments about the investigation. “But we are all human beings, and we should be treated as human beings, in all cases.”

Goodbye Joe Mcknight..The field won’t be the same without you.