joe's murder

He Was At The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time

Joe Mcknight was just one of the many victims of murders.¬†December 1, 2016 was a terrible night for John McKnight. He was in a wrong place at a wrong time. He was fatally shot at an intersection in Terrytown, Louisiana by a guy named Ronald Gasser. His reasons for killing Joe were unclear but somebody heard him saying, “I told you not to fuck with me” before he shot Joe. Gasser was taken to Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office for questioning but was immediately released while investigation was in progress.

The Family He Left Behind

good bye joe mcknight

When Gasser was released, Joe’s family mourned. They can’t believe what happened to Joe because he is the kind of guy who don’t make enemies. He was an aggressive player in the field but after each game, he was the kind of man you can be friends with.

Aside from his family, Joe left his team, his second family. They cried knowing that Joe won’t be around anymore. Robbie Green while tears running down his face, said, “This man had an amazing heart.”

Rising Controversy Against Racism

Joe was black while his killer, Ronald Gasser is white. People questioned why Gasser has to be released when he admitted that he did it. Police said that they don’t want to make a mistake in condemning somebody of murder. In 2016, Ronald Gasser was indicted for a more serious crime,¬†second degree murder.