Moving On From The Death Of A Loved One

Losing someone you love is a traumatic event that lingers in our hearts. How can you heal when the wound is to deep? Getting used to the life without the person you care about is hard specially if the bond is too strong to break. But life goes on, it will not stop. Try to live it with happiness and hope that one day, the pain will go away.

Release All Your Grief

It’s okay to let your emotions show. You don’t have to try to keep it to yourself. Keeping it to yourself will make moving on harder to achieve. Just let the emotions flow. Just let the tears flow until you can’t cry no more. Don’t embarrassed showing what you truly feel. It is your right to express your emotions, we all emotional beings after all.

Talk To Your Family And Friends

When you lose someone dear to you, it is important that you gather the people who care. Surround yourself with support and love to fill the emptiness you feel inside. It takes humans to heal the emotional wounds created by a death of someone. No man is an island. It will always stay that way. So pick up the phone and call someone you trust.

Know That You Will Go Through The Stages Of Moving On

First Stage: Denial

You are in a trauma or a shock. Your mind can’t still comprehend what’s going on. In this stage, you will experience the confusion between reality and truth.

Second Stage: Anger

It’s normal that you get angry. It is part of releasing all those negative emotions towards with what happened. Know that you are in this stage but you can’t stay in this stage forever. Don’t let the anger consume you.

Third Stage: Bargaining

At this stage, you try to bargain with God. You ask if there could be a second chance. You try to change the reality but deep inside you, but you know you can’t.

Fourth Stage: Depression

Some people skip this process but for most people, they go through a series of depression. It happens because you cannot undo the past. You are here while that person you love already passed away, these thoughts will bring grief that leads to depression.

Fifth Stage: Acceptance

Wounds will heal eventually. Just give it time. When you finally get used to the situation and realized that there is still a life ahead of you, you learn to accept the truth.