joe mcknight

He Could Have Proven More

Joe was one of NFL players that you can spot right away because of the way he plays. Nobody can’t deny that the football was his battle field. He inspired his team mates to not give up during those losing times. It is such a shame that he died at a young age. He could have proven more but life is truly unpredictable.

The Start Of His Career

joe mcknight on the field

Before the stardom, he was a simple high school student of John Curtis Christian High School in River Ridge, Louisiana. His strong physique gave him the edge to play for the school. Joe was the cornerback.

He made fantastic scores of 22 touchdowns even when the 2005 was shortened. He was the key player of John Curtis because he contributed high numbers of touchdowns, catches, and assists. Joe was impeccable in foot ball which lead him to NFL and CFL.

Football Stardom

joe mcknight stare into blankness

Joe joined the New York Jets on June 22, 2010. It was a struggle at first but his coaches never stopped believing in his ability. During their fight against the Buffalo Bills, he gave all his might and ran for 158 yards on 32 carries which lead to two passes.

Because of the injuries he suffered since high school from playing football, Joe met another struggle in his physical capabilities. He had a torn Achilles tendon and was unable to practice.