Inventing Gadgets for Safety

To most of us, the story of Joe McKnight may already be familiar. And while some of us have no idea, we could actually learn a lot from his story. One of the lessons would be safety.

Today, we’re living in a techy world where almost anything can be invented as long as you know the right electronics lab to work at. The knowledge we have about technology, and the availability of materials and the right tools make it possible for us to create gadgets that we need and want.

Here are just some of the gadgets one can invent to be safe against perpetrators that endanger our and our family’s lives:

Alarm Gadget


Though still imaginary, once perfected, this machine can keep one safe from danger by calling for help. This device can send off a loud alarm so that the people around will be aware of the assistance needed by an individual in danger. This could be disguised as a necklace, a bracelet, or perhaps a gadget that can be attached at the back of one’s phone so they’re easily accessible (especially since most of us are on our phones every time we walk around the streets or get out of the house). This device can even be tailored to send off an emergency message or call to saved numbers of police stations while ringing its alarm. Anyone that has access to the new CFAT electronics lab can surely make one like this. It will absolutely be of great help to anyone regardless of age, gender, or skin color.

Defensive Device


If an alarm gadget isn’t enough, especially for one who can’t leave without a fight, then a small device which uses a loud air horn, a pepper spray, and a small camera can also be invented. The loud horn can alert nearby people about the danger, the pepper spray can keep the perpetrator disturbed even just for a while, and the tiny camera can video record the incident for evidence and reference later on. While bothered with the pepper spray, the victim can run away to a safe place. If there’s a struggle, the camera can record it. This device can be disguised as jewelry as well, or it could be easily accessed from one’s bag.



This isn’t new, but it’s still worth discussing. A tracker can be attached to a child’s belongings, say a ring or an earring, so that the parents can check whether their kids are still in school when they should be. This will also be helpful in case (God forbid) the kid gets kidnapped by a stranger right after school hours. A tracker would be an excellent device to make the parents or guardians aware of where their kids currently are.

These are just some of the suggested gadgets one can invent and customize for their own safety. Don’t worry if you have no knowledge or experience about how to produce any of these. Morrison Tech is open to teach you about what you should know about creating. All you need is the eagerness to learn, the enthusiasm, the patience, and of course, a bit of cash to be able to access their tools. These devices may not guarantee your 100% safety, but having them with you can still give you peace of mind.