CS:GO’s Trade Up Contract: What Is It About?

In CS:GO, trade up is a popular game mode. But what is it exactly?



The Trade Up Contract was once known as the Arms Deal Contract. It’s a tool accessed from the CS:GO player’s inventory which enables players to exchange 10 normal weapons skins or 10 StatTrak skins of the same grade from any collection for a new skin with the next highest grade tier randomly selected from one of the collections.

How it Works

To exchange, a player should first open the contract and pick 10 skins. A contract screen will then be displayed, showing a contract with the player’s name, the rank, form number, date, and a confirmation that 10 skins are picked for trade, as well as a prompt that the player should sign the contract and confirm the trade up.


Players could sign anything and anywhere on the contract using the mouse. In case a player changes his mind, he could still cancel the contract before clicking the last “Submit Contract” button. Don’t worry about filling out the contract; the contract will do that. after which, and “Approved” stamp will be marked on the contract, and reward the gamer with a skin that’s traded up.

Note that you could also mix weapons from varying collections, as long as the skins used are at the same tier.

Skins that will be received are always selected randomly. The ratio utilized is unknown, but it’s possibly directly related to the amount input. That means if you’ve inputed more from a single collection, you’ll probably get something from the same collection.

Here are the possible weapon grade results:

Five-SeveN-hyperbeastIndustrial – Light blue (uncommon)

Mil-Spec – Darker blue (rare)

Restricted – Purple (mythical)

Classified – Pink (legendary)

Covert – Red (ancient)

Excluded Weapons

Note that some weapons cannot be used in the Trade Up Contract. They are the following:

  • Knives
  • Red Covert (Ancient) weapon skins
  • Light Brown Contraband (Immortal) weapon skins – These were discontinued
  • Souvenir weapon skins
  • Skins from one collection grade that do not have a next highest grade skin available including mixing collections – For instance, the Tec-9 Ossified skin has a Mil-Spec grade, but it can’t be used in the Trade Up Contract because it’s the highest tier skin available in the Aztec Collection.

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