Inventing Gadgets for Safety

To most of us, the story of Joe McKnight may already be familiar. And while some of us have no idea, we could actually learn a lot from his story. One of the lessons would be safety.

Today, we’re living in a techy world where almost anything can be invented as long as you know the right electronics lab to work at. The knowledge we have about technology, and the availability of materials and the right tools make it possible for us to create gadgets that we need and want.

Here are just some of the gadgets one can invent to be safe against perpetrators that endanger our and our family’s lives:

Alarm Gadget


Though still imaginary, once perfected, this machine can keep one safe from danger by calling for help. This device can send off a loud alarm so that the people around will be aware of the assistance needed by an individual in danger. This could be disguised as a necklace, a bracelet, or perhaps a gadget that can be attached at the back of one’s phone so they’re easily accessible (especially since most of us are on our phones every time we walk around the streets or get out of the house). This device can even be tailored to send off an emergency message or call to saved numbers of police stations while ringing its alarm. Anyone that has access to the new CFAT electronics lab can surely make one like this. It will absolutely be of great help to anyone regardless of age, gender, or skin color.

Defensive Device


If an alarm gadget isn’t enough, especially for one who can’t leave without a fight, then a small device which uses a loud air horn, a pepper spray, and a small camera can also be invented. The loud horn can alert nearby people about the danger, the pepper spray can keep the perpetrator disturbed even just for a while, and the tiny camera can video record the incident for evidence and reference later on. While bothered with the pepper spray, the victim can run away to a safe place. If there’s a struggle, the camera can record it. This device can be disguised as jewelry as well, or it could be easily accessed from one’s bag.



This isn’t new, but it’s still worth discussing. A tracker can be attached to a child’s belongings, say a ring or an earring, so that the parents can check whether their kids are still in school when they should be. This will also be helpful in case (God forbid) the kid gets kidnapped by a stranger right after school hours. A tracker would be an excellent device to make the parents or guardians aware of where their kids currently are.

These are just some of the suggested gadgets one can invent and customize for their own safety. Don’t worry if you have no knowledge or experience about how to produce any of these. Morrison Tech is open to teach you about what you should know about creating. All you need is the eagerness to learn, the enthusiasm, the patience, and of course, a bit of cash to be able to access their tools. These devices may not guarantee your 100% safety, but having them with you can still give you peace of mind.

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What It Really Means To Play CS:GO


Let’s face it. We all know that Counter Strike:Global Offensive has always been an epitome of childhood legacy. And by this, it means that even teens who were born in the 2000’s are able to enjoy this game like no other today – just like how kids who were born in the 1990’s and those who are all too familiar with it got to enjoy back then, during the glory days of the first Counter Strike version.

Let’s also face it. We also know that Counter Strike:Global Offensive has always been an epitome of adulthood legacy as well. And by this, it means that especially adults who were born in the 1980’s are able to enjoy this game like never before today – just like how kids who were born in the 1990’s and those who are all too excited for it got to enjoy back then, during the glory days of the first Counter Strike version.

But do you know what it really means to play CS:GO?

You see…

It’s about leadership.

Be it you’re playing solo or playing with friends, playing CS:GO is about you still leading the game like the winner in life that you are. It’s about leading yourself to become one of the best players out there by analyzing mindfully and fairly what it takes to win a game. It’s about leading others to become some of the best players out there by strategizing carefully and objectively what it takes to win a game.

Because indeed, playing CS:GO is about you leading the game like the winner in life that you are – someone who leads well enough to make the game a better place to play in for people from all walks of life.

You also see…

It’s about sportsmanship.

Be it you’re targeted suddenly or targeted someone else, playing CS:GO is about you still enjoying the game like the winner in life that you are. It’s about enjoying as you become one of the best players out there by analyzing mindfully and fairly what it takes to win a game. It’s about enjoying as others become some of the best players out there by strategizing carefully and objectively what it takes to win a game.

Because indeed, playing CS:GO is about you enjoying the game like the winner in life that you are – someone who enjoys well enough to make the game a better place to play in for people from all around the world.

What do you think it really means to play CS:GO? Share your thoughts with us below!

Don’t forget to check this out as well for more on CS:GO and even how to avoid getting scammed!

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CS:GO’s Trade Up Contract: What Is It About?

In CS:GO, trade up is a popular game mode. But what is it exactly?



The Trade Up Contract was once known as the Arms Deal Contract. It’s a tool accessed from the CS:GO player’s inventory which enables players to exchange 10 normal weapons skins or 10 StatTrak skins of the same grade from any collection for a new skin with the next highest grade tier randomly selected from one of the collections.

How it Works

To exchange, a player should first open the contract and pick 10 skins. A contract screen will then be displayed, showing a contract with the player’s name, the rank, form number, date, and a confirmation that 10 skins are picked for trade, as well as a prompt that the player should sign the contract and confirm the trade up.


Players could sign anything and anywhere on the contract using the mouse. In case a player changes his mind, he could still cancel the contract before clicking the last “Submit Contract” button. Don’t worry about filling out the contract; the contract will do that. after which, and “Approved” stamp will be marked on the contract, and reward the gamer with a skin that’s traded up.

Note that you could also mix weapons from varying collections, as long as the skins used are at the same tier.

Skins that will be received are always selected randomly. The ratio utilized is unknown, but it’s possibly directly related to the amount input. That means if you’ve inputed more from a single collection, you’ll probably get something from the same collection.

Here are the possible weapon grade results:

Five-SeveN-hyperbeastIndustrial – Light blue (uncommon)

Mil-Spec – Darker blue (rare)

Restricted – Purple (mythical)

Classified – Pink (legendary)

Covert – Red (ancient)

Excluded Weapons

Note that some weapons cannot be used in the Trade Up Contract. They are the following:

  • Knives
  • Red Covert (Ancient) weapon skins
  • Light Brown Contraband (Immortal) weapon skins – These were discontinued
  • Souvenir weapon skins
  • Skins from one collection grade that do not have a next highest grade skin available including mixing collections – For instance, the Tec-9 Ossified skin has a Mil-Spec grade, but it can’t be used in the Trade Up Contract because it’s the highest tier skin available in the Aztec Collection.

Read more about CSGO here

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The Perks of a Personal Loan and a Line of Credit Loan

Need more cash to help someone or support a group that focuses on equality? Then take out a personal loan or a line of credit loan today. Here are the reasons why they’re beneficial:

Advantages of a Personal Loan


Fast Transaction

If you’re out of time and you need to get cash quickly, then taking out a personal loan is an excellent option for you. Most of the time, you could get the money within 24 hours, which is perfect for emergency situations.

Minimal Requirements

One of the reasons why getting a personal loan is fast is because it doesn’t require too many documents unlike when you’re getting a car loan or home loan. Because of this, the processing time is shorter.


These loans can be used for various purposes, including medical expenses, travel expenses, and more. You could even take out a personal loan to purchase the latest and best phone as of the moment.



Because you don’t need collateral, it’s easier for anyone to loan. Personal loans also don’t require any form of security, which means your assets will stay safe. It will also be helpful for those who do not own any assets like home, car, shares, etc.

Read more in this danish article on money.

Advantages of a Line of Credit

Fast Money

If you want instant cash, you can either use your line of credit loan, your home as collateral, or home equity line of credit (HELOC) to get quick money whenever you need it.

Lump Sum of Cash

If you need to obtain a large amount of money, you can choose to take out a line of credit loan. This works for homeowners with equity in their houses. Remember, the line of credit loan is the difference between the value of your home in the market and what you owe on the house. Just be wary of second mortgages.

Low-Interest Rates


Unlike other kinds of consumer loans, the interest on the line of credit loans is more bearable. This is because you only have to pay the interest on the amount you use, instead of the whole available amount.

Interest Is Tax Deductible

Usually, the interest that you ought to pay on this type of loan is tax deductible. Remember to consult your financial advisor regarding this issue before you take out a line of credit loan.


Just like personal loans, you can take out a line of credit loan and use the money for any purpose. With it, you can purchase your second home, buy a new car, send someone to school, remodel your house, pay medical expenses, travel afar, so on and so forth. Just remember to borrow the amount you need and avoid loaning more often than necessary. Remember to jot down your financial responsibilities and check the risks that come along with borrowing.


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Four Good Reads on the State of Being Equal


Ask random people about the state or quality of being equal and you will likely see more blank stares than hints of understanding or enthusiasm about the topic. Not that you can blame them. Equality is right alongside injustice and other concepts that not many people think about much unless something happens that affects them personally. Whether you are looking for information or merely curious about equality, here are some books worth reading on the topic.

1. Inequality and the 1% by Danny Dorling
Why read it: This book explores the huge gap between the richest 1% and the rest. It examines not just the economic inequality but also the potentially damaging effects it has on our society.

2. The Equality Effect by Danny Dorling
Why read it: While some countries continue down the path to inequality for varied reasons, there are others that challenge prevailing assumptions that nothing can be done in curbing it. Despite the challenges of globalization, some countries have shown that striving to be more equal is achievable and how it creates a positive impact on everyone who gets to enjoy it.

3. The Equality Illusion: The Truth about Women and Men Today by Kat Banyard
Why read it: Despite the giant strides women from around the world have made, gender equality remains to be one of the biggest social justice issues today. This book provides insights into feminism and the various challenges women in dealing with sexism and other gender related problems.

4. The Price of Inequality: How Today’s Divided Society Endangers Our Future by Joseph Stiglitz
Why read it: The Price of Inequality takes a look into the chilling effects of inequality, not just on the economy but on people’s way of life.

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Moving On From The Death Of A Loved One

Losing someone you love is a traumatic event that lingers in our hearts. How can you heal when the wound is to deep? Getting used to the life without the person you care about is hard specially if the bond is too strong to break. But life goes on, it will not stop. Try to live it with happiness and hope that one day, the pain will go away.

Release All Your Grief

It’s okay to let your emotions show. You don’t have to try to keep it to yourself. Keeping it to yourself will make moving on harder to achieve. Just let the emotions flow. Just let the tears flow until you can’t cry no more. Don’t embarrassed showing what you truly feel. It is your right to express your emotions, we all emotional beings after all.

Talk To Your Family And Friends

When you lose someone dear to you, it is important that you gather the people who care. Surround yourself with support and love to fill the emptiness you feel inside. It takes humans to heal the emotional wounds created by a death of someone. No man is an island. It will always stay that way. So pick up the phone and call someone you trust.

Know That You Will Go Through The Stages Of Moving On

First Stage: Denial

You are in a trauma or a shock. Your mind can’t still comprehend what’s going on. In this stage, you will experience the confusion between reality and truth.

Second Stage: Anger

It’s normal that you get angry. It is part of releasing all those negative emotions towards with what happened. Know that you are in this stage but you can’t stay in this stage forever. Don’t let the anger consume you.

Third Stage: Bargaining

At this stage, you try to bargain with God. You ask if there could be a second chance. You try to change the reality but deep inside you, but you know you can’t.

Fourth Stage: Depression

Some people skip this process but for most people, they go through a series of depression. It happens because you cannot undo the past. You are here while that person you love already passed away, these thoughts will bring grief that leads to depression.

Fifth Stage: Acceptance

Wounds will heal eventually. Just give it time. When you finally get used to the situation and realized that there is still a life ahead of you, you learn to accept the truth.


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